My Birthday Ritual

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus

Yesterday was my birthday. And just a little before midnight I engaged in a private little candle ceremony–the same ritual I’ve followed on my birthday for the past fifteen years.

Anyone can do the candle ceremony. In just a few short steps, it’s a cinch to create a personal ritual that focuses on gratitude and goals and starts your birthday off with a special spark.

I like to do the ceremony around fifteen minutes before midnight on the actual day of my birthday (not the night before). The energy of your birthday culminates by midnight, so I feel that it is the best time to start manifesting your desires.

Here are the steps:

1) Locate a candle. I usually use a long white tapered candle (white represents purity of thought), but this year I couldn’t find the white candles, so I improvised with a boxed green scented candle. I selected the green candle because this year I am very focused on growth, represented by the color green, in all areas of my life (business, spirituality, and relationships).

2). Visualize a protective shield around you (I always imagine a column of white light surrounding me), and then light the candle.

3) As you light the candle, loudly tell the universe (or your angels, whichever works for you) what you are grateful for in your life (if you aren’t the spontaneous type, or plan to do this after a night of partying, it might be helpful to write out your notes beforehand).

4) Then, ask for what you want the universe to provide for you in the upcoming year. This part is very personal (well, let’s admit it, theĀ whole ceremony is very personal), and can entail anything from a new car (yes, you can ask for material items), to world peace, better relationships, anger management, love, whatever um, lights your fire.

5) Then, right around the time the clock strikes midnight, focus your intention at the flame of the candle, verbally summarize your asks, repeat your gratitude for everything you do have, and then I always finish by saying…so it shall be, and so it is, Amen (I know, very “Ten Commandments” of me). Then blow out the candle.

That’s my ritual; feel free to use it, or create your own….and what I asked for this year…well that’s personal.

Do you have any birthday rituals that you follow?



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