Blame It On Barney

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus My daughter has a passion for the color purple. If an article of clothing doesn't have some shade of purple in it, forget about it. She shakes her little head, tendrils of curls flying around, and says, "no, mommy. I want the purple shirt...purple pants...purple socks...purple backpack...purple sneakers." Ok Ok. I get it. You want it because its pretty? No. You want it because its functional? No. Oh, … Continue Reading ››
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My Birthday Ritual

By Estelle Sobel Erasmus Yesterday was my birthday. And just a little before midnight I engaged in a private little candle ceremony--the same ritual I've followed on my birthday for the past fifteen years. Anyone can do the candle ceremony. In just a few short steps, it's a cinch to create a personal ritual that focuses on gratitude and goals and starts your birthday off with a special spark. I like to do … Continue Reading ››
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Rosanna Villaflor: Overcoming Obstacles and Break-Dancing Down Barriers for Kids

Dancing Toward Creative Fulfillment for Youth
As a woman who has a habit of breaking down barriers, first for herself, and now for others, 27-year-old Rossana Villaflor is a true role model who after a deprivation-filled childhood in the Philippines transformed her life in America with the help … Continue Reading ››
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