Changes In Time Affect State of Mind

I have a lot of ideas these days that need to be explored. That makes it a bit difficult to be a present mom to my daughter (I admit its easy to get distracted what with twitter, blogging, writing, iPads, iPhones, i don't know what else they can invent at this point). I do try to be present for periods of time where we can sing, laugh, dance, read, and make … Continue Reading ››
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I Am a Featured Cast Member of LTYM on Their Website Today!

Meet the NYC Cast: Estelle Sobel Erasmus by Varda on March 30, 2012
It gives me great pleasure to bring you today’s accomplished Meet the Cast member, Estelle Sobel Erasmus: Estelle Sobel Erasmus is a journalist, former magazine editor, author, and columnist whose life and lifestyle has completely changed since the birth of her daughter in April 2009. I recently asked how becoming a mother has changed … Continue Reading ››
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Mom’s Talk Q & A: Seeking Salvation in a Short Vacation

Crayola FactoryCourtesy of Discover Lehigh Valley
Q: I am in desperate need of a vacation that gets me out of New Jersey, but does not require that I hop on a plane, brood in tow. Can you recommend a few fun weekend trips that I can take with my family?
A: I completely understand where you are coming from. However, I would try to keep an open … Continue Reading ››
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